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10 Foods Keep Your Teeth Always Healthy and Bright

With the gold tooth, mottled black and full of high-sticking at the root, one would hardly dare to smile. At this time people started to �clean teeth�. Meanwhile, just eating daily attention is always enough to keep teeth healthy and white.

1. Water

Drink enough water to keep the gums clean, bright white and smooth, stimulates gastric secretion.

After finished eating, but drinking water will wash away the clinging of food left on teeth, the bacteria off the supply, work opportunities are no longer dread the monster and damage to teeth.

2. Mint

Mint leaves has been proven to make teeth white and fragrant breath cool, because mint can travel through the circulation of blood to the lungs, so when breathing makes us feel fresh breath fragrant.

3. Sugarless gum

Chewing sugarless gum can increase the amount of gastric secretion, neutralizing acid in the mouth, helps protect teeth and prevent cavities.

4. Milk

Acid salts of calcium and phosphorus in milk helps to balance acidity in the mouth, eliminating the favorable environment for bacteria.

Regular milk can help add calcium to tooth surfaces, enhance and restore the tooth enamel, making sure their teeth.

5. Bananas

The tropical fruits rich in vitamin C help maintain and protect teeth and gums stay healthy.

If the body lacks vitamin C, that would be weak, susceptible to diseases such as swelling of dreams teeth, tooth bleeding, loose teeth, tooth loss.

6. Water dropwort

Fiber in the vegetables should like bleach, will �scan� clean the leftover food sticking in the teeth. Also, if chewing helps stimulate gastric secretion, acid balance in the mouth, such as a natural anti-bacterial substance.

7. Green Tea

Green tea has fluoride and phosphorus, which helps neutralize acids in the mouth, dental caries prevention. Tannins also reduce the amount of bacteria destroy teeth and bad breath can be harmful.

8. Onion

Sulfur compounds in onions are very strong anti-bacterial ingredients, which can kill bacteria that cause tooth decay.

9. Mushrooms

In mushrooms containing controlled substances causing bacteria in the mouth black teeth, stained teeth.

10. Mustard

Mustard contains isothiocyanate component can overpower the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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