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11 Ways to Reduce Stress by Food

There are foods that seemed to cause obesity, but the food is actually very good stress relief.

1. A handful of almonds. Rich in magnesium, which helps reduce cortisol levels. However, calorie-rich nuts, if you are in the weight loss is not more than a dozen seeds a day.

2. Broccoli with low fat cream sauce. Folic acid rich broccoli helps reduce stress.

3. Lemon cream and waffles. Foods containing sugar helps reduce stress hormones. Note that just a little sugar in the tongue, the spirit was more excited. Do not overdo it to avoid being fat.

4. Muffin muffins with honey or sausage clamp. Foods rich in carbohydrates increases the levels of seronotin, helps to relax the spirit and mind.
5. Salmon. Omega-3 fatty acids helps brain cells to work smoothly you cope with stress more effectively.

6. Bitter chocolate. Chocolate is the food produced endorphins most powerful on earth, with more than 300 different compounds, including anandamide (chemicals that mimic marijuana�s effects), and theobromine (soft drugs). Please select a bitter chocolate containing 70% cocoa.

7. Milk. Contains tryptophan which, when the metabolic process will be converted into compounds increases the excitement and stimulation cheerful mood, relaxed. Moreover, calcium, magnesium and potassium in milk also helps lower blood pressure.

8. Hot cocoa. Hot beverages increases body temperature, spiritual comfort, relax the brain.

9. Black tea. A study by University College London found that drinking black tea four times daily and continuously for 6 weeks will help reduce stress hormones.

10. Green tea. Green tea contains theanine, create relaxation, reduce pressure on the brain.

11. Drink cool water and then walking. Blood makes the water circulated in the body better and fresh air helps you relax, reduce stress.

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