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Advantage or Disadvantage of yogurt is depends on the way you use

Yogurt is a food eaten daily benefit. However, it should be noted, beneficial or harmful to health depends on how you use them.

Yogurt and other fermented products has a positive effect on support for human health through lactose fermentation, increasing bifidobateria, creating a favorable environment for beneficial bacteria growth. However, if you do not know how to use, this process can become coke!

Yogurt is produced by fermentation of dairy animals by some bacteria such as lactic stretococcus, caucasicus lactobacillus, streptococcus cremoris, yeast � help move sugar into simple sugars have, lower the pH of the coagulation of milk involves Convergence of calcium in milk, partially converted casein (milk protein) into peptone, acidamin and produce quality flavorings.

�Endoscopy� sour milk composition

Overall, the nutritional value of no less yogurt milk drink daily. Every 100g yoghurt bring about 100kcal, 3g protein, 125mg calcium, many vitamins (especially vitamin B5, vitamin B12) and many other essential minerals for the body. On the other hand, the fermentation process gives yogurt bacteria produce a number of protease enzymes, beneficial gut, digestive system works well � Infection lactic acid in yogurt also help stimulate increased interest in bacterial sugar inactivation intestine and some harmful chemicals, stimulate digestion, appetite and create a more efficient absorption of nutrients from food.

So can view yogurt as a natural vaccine to prevent and reduce symptoms of some diseases of stomach, intestines popular as indigestion, heartburn, sour, stomach ulcers, � For some people afraid to drink milk (lactose because the body lacks the enzyme should not be metabolized lactose in milk, easily lead to digestive disorders) are eating yogurt can help their appetite for almost uncomfortable for us to digest.
Besides good for digestion, strengthen the resistance, yoghurt longer considered the ideal choice for anyone interested in keeping shape, lose weight. With levels of carbohydrate, moderate protein, was the appropriate resolution, yogurt medium irrigation works has helped to maintain stable blood sugar. In addition, lactic acid in yogurt also supports intrusion prevention and control activities of other bacteria harmful to the skin. It is considered as the �mask� Natural skin smooth, refreshed.

Beneficial, harmful behavior depends

With the above purpose, clear yogurt is good for health. But is take advantage of the nutritional benefits or not depends very much on the use of each person.

Do not eat yogurt fasting: a pH suitable for lactic acid in yogurt yeast growth and development from 4-5 or more. When hungry, the stomach is gastric pH of 2 or less will do in yogurt fermented lactic easily destroyed. Should only use the best yogurt within 1-2 hours after meals.

Do not wait to heat up and then eat: because such effects as loss of useful and delicious flavor of yogurt.

No milk and medicines at the same time: the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be destroyed if you do so. Best after taking from 2-3 hours to eat yogurt.

Also, it must be special attention to quality, hygiene and food safety as purchasing yogurt, as well as the preservation of the reserve in the house.

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