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Autumn: Have a shower with cold water to increase body resistance

Few people know that temperature in the autumn, water temperature and body temperature is quite similar, so you can completely cold shower. Take a look at the benefits that brings from have shower with cold water

1. Enhance the function of the heart and blood vessels

When bathing, cold water will stimulate the skin makes the blood vessels under the skin rapidly shrinking, the blood was put on the heart as heart rate increases from the increased blood flow throughout the body, heart function gradually be enhanced.Nghe�?c ng? �m
Besides, under the effect of cold water, can function and vascular relaxation is also improved.

2. Improved digestive function

Because cold water bath, function of blood circulation is enhanced abdominal, bowel also increased significantly to help digestion and absorption is markedly improved.

Often a cold shower will help you eat more delicious and less prone to digestive disorders visit.

3. Skin Beauty

Because the shower, cold water has a direct impact on the entire skin of the body, accelerating the process of replacing the dead skin and skin secretions of the glands. This will increase the elasticity of the skin and skin beauty.

Not only that, it also helps prevent other skin diseases.

4. Improved neurological

When cold water stimulates the body, the brain will be in a state of high excitement, the nerves in the body posture are �ready�.

After the bath, the nervous system will revert to relax. This was repeated several times will help improve the function of the nervous system.

5. Flu prevention and enhance physical

Persistent habit of bathing in cold water for long periods will help agencies in the body is to exercise regularly, improve resistance to cold, cold tolerance of the body. Enhanced physical effects which prevent the flu.

You should also pay attention to the cold water bath should be practicing patience from summer through autumn to winter, which should not be interrupted to effectively protect the health of a better way.

Autumn winter weather is quite cold, so when you need to focus from the bath tub with cold water quickly, then bath shower to finally soak in a tub would otherwise be very vulnerable to infection.

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