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Bacteria on the razor more than 126 times the toilet

Chinese researchers have used fluorescent ATP ray screening for bacterial counts over the instrument frequent contact with humans, such as razors, toilet, towels, toothbrushes, masks, pillow blankets, hats, computer keyboard �

The result is amazing, men�s razor topped the list, with over 1.2 million bacteria, more than 126 times the number of bacteria in the toilet. Next is the mask, with more than 300,000 bacteria, more than 32 times the toilet, bacteria on the toothbrush is 250,000, while 100,000 more toilet bowls containing only bacteria.

The reason for the razor to contain more bacteria that are more bacteria on the epidermis of skin flakes off when rubbing, this class of bacteria accumulated long day, plus bathroom humid environment created favorable conditions for bacteria, fungi proliferate.

If the skin is acne, or any other injuries besides when I shave away the attacking bacteria cause skin ulcers. Even in normal conditions, when using a long razor not clean, large numbers of bacteria have the opportunity to stay close to the skin and penetrate into the body.

Experts suggest that if the bathroom frequently wet, not to proclaim shaving, toothbrushes, towels � the inside, but leave them high and dry in place, open air, absolutely not for nearly sinks bridge or sink.

Should cleaning razors, as well as tools other personal hygiene routine is best immediately after use, then let them cool in places that would limit the influence of bacteria.

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