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Bad habits after eating


Many families have the habit to eat fruit for dessert after a meal, but in fact this is the habits and wrong thinking. Because after the food into the body requires about 1-2 hours to digest, if you eat more fruit growing pressure on the intestines, although the fruit is not much appetite to digest fully. Moreover, it causes uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation �


Especially after dinner, if you smoke, they risk 10 times. Once eaten, blood flow to increase digestion, if smoke around it will follow the toxins to other organs such as liver, brain, heart � and the higher risk.

Drink green tea:

Tea after meals is the slow process of digestion. In addition, green tea contains many tanic acid, drinking tea after eating facilitate the formation of sedimentary tannins, proteins that are not absorbed well. Green tea also prevents absorption of iron, in the long run will cause anemia, iron deficiency.


After dinner that you shower immediately, blood flow will push the whole body disperse, while the digestive system needs deficits were easy to cause symptoms of indigestion.


Many people have a habit of it after eating too, abdominal stiffness, discomfort want to go is right. But even more so causing more pressure to the abdomen and stomach and in the future you will not avoid the stomach.


After walking just finished eating that is dangerous to health, especially the elderly prone cardiac dysfunction, vascular sclerosis, lower blood pressure. Best after I was done you should only travel light in the house about 30 minutes, then you did not want to walk later.


This habit is also very dangerous because blood flow is now concentrated in the digestive system, brain ischemia should be the focus is not high.


Singing after eating is also not good, will put pressure on the stomach, diaphragm, stomach, causing indigestion and other symptoms.

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