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Be careful with high heels

Have you ever thought about the health effects of high heel shoes is the culprit? Besides, they also caused the symptoms that you have met health becomes more serious. Here are some effects you may experience if wearing high heels too long.


High heels you will set foot on the slope down posture as well as creating more pressure on the front of the foot. This is why you must adjust the posture of the whole body to maintain balance. Then, the part below the waist so reclining on the front upper torso portion will be reclining on the back to create balance for the whole body. This is not standard normal posture of the human body.


When moving, your legs will be firmly in place mounds sloping front of your foot should not be pressed to the ground like when you go to the land. Therefore, we will make the body at the hips than working harder to move and push your body forward. This also makes the knees bent and prone to drink to do more.


Walking on a high-heeled shoes is like you are on a straight bar with bar. High heels do not have parts to help when you�re down, causing the foot and ankle in a favorable position and therefore not easy to lose your balance and sprains.


Natural posture of the back curve that acts as suspension components to reduce pressure on the spine. Wearing high heels can cause damage to the spinal bone spikes. When moving, high heels cause your body always falls forward and is a natural reaction the body will reduce the curve the lower back to help the body in a straight line. If this position has not improved, it will lead to back pain and the phenomenon of being overworked.


Than the hip muscles located in the upper thigh. When you�re wearing high heels, the body must work harder and longer by your feet in position on the front slope and therefore they can not well be responsible for helping move the whole body. If the body is abused for a long time could be shortened and made them cramp phenomena appear.


Proportion of women infected knee osteoarthritis chronic double compared to men. When wearing heels, knees bent at the position, shin bones back in the opposite position. This position will put pressure on the inside of the knee, a common position of knee osteoarthritis patients. If you have this disease should refrain from wearing high heels because they increase the distance from ground to the knee and could therefore increase the phenomenon of twisted knee.


Heels limit the movement and strength of the ankle joints. The calf muscles are shortened by the height of the heels and will lose power when you stand on the ground. The position of the ankle can lead to calf veins connecting the heel is short and cause muscle tension associated with pulling the heel bone.


When foot posture is in the front slope, it will create heavy pressure on the liver than the foot. The higher the heel the greater the pressure. The increased pressure will cause leg pain or cause deformation phenomena such as the feet were hooked toes, inflammation in the toe � Position leg forward slope can lead to foot direction was turning out. Change foot position changed the connection between the muscles ligaments and pull the heel and lead to deformities Haglund.

Skin and toes

Mui shoes narrow, pointed can cause phenomena such as bottles, blisters and swollen skin. If you pay close attention to the feet of newly born children will see the toes tend to spread out wide in adults also the toes tend to have clusters. If you get the bottom pads heels, taking the pencil lines on a sheet of paper folded them and put their feet lay up, you�ll see your feet beyond the edge of her drawings. This must understand the harm you have then you?

Protect yourself, your feet: high heels Just go in and see a special occasion shoes moderately high, avoid high-heeled shoes

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