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Be careful your skin in the summer

On hot sunny days, there are three common disease-causing agents in the skin: light, humidity, poor personal hygiene, common diseases in this condition most easily identifiable and easy to prevent.


Since ultraviolet sunlight strikes the Earth, the impact on the horn layer, epidermis, skin and fat under the skin, causing redness of the skin, sunburn, tanning and skin cancer. Excessive exposure to sun burns, long time will damage the skin. Tanning the skin appear after sun exposure makes the skin become brown but will end when no sun exposure. Sunburn occurs over the period. Specifically, after long exposure to sunlight the skin will appear red for several minutes and then fade away, then reappeared and lasted several days. The sun damage blood vessels, causing swelling and boils. About a week later will phenomenon flakes peeling skin (skin peeling). Dried in the sun too long and also long been known as causes of skin aging and skin cancer. To prevent sunburn, please limit sun exposure between 10 to 14 hours, hats, masks, long-sleeved clothing when sun; note sunburn still happens even in the day without burning sun (no clouds reduce UV) and even when under water, more sand reflect the sun rays from the sun increases the risk of sunburns. Also do not forget lip sunburn should also be protected.

Foot fungus

Hot wet foot when wearing shoes instead of socks frequently contained no conditions would be stimulated fungal development. Common disease in men than women. There are three common form is the chewy dry scales, blisters, interstitial inflammation (common in the alternating thumb, especially interstitial fingers 4 and 5). The above can be created pustules, pus ball, or floating foot swelling groin lymph nodes and fever.

Body Fungus

Appear at any age. Manifestations are lesions size, depth and severity depending on the location of each person and different strains. Hong clear the limited circles, ellipses have blisters at the edge, much as the sunshine or itchy sweat. To reduce the risk of mold must be changed everyday clothing and avoid wearing wet, dry the body after bath, if necessary, the fan dry skin armpits and groin; change socks daily and wear socks with material cotton, wool socks to avoid synthetic shoes leather footwear, avoid shoes with plastic, bearing fit and avoid carrying too tight, not common bathing and washing, wearing clothes with people with common fungi; ironing clothes left in the to prevent disease recurrence; avoid vacuum; fungicides in formol vapor shoes.


Favorable factors that cause moisture in the skin surface increased, much more substance residue on the hot sun. Age disease mainly in young and middle aged. Lesions in the skin without exposure to light, the color of coffee with milk or light yellow, brown, red, black. Shape and size can be small spots or large arrays as maps rugged coast. Normally versicolor little itchy but when the sun is sweating more itchy tingle tingle. This disease is easily treated but most certainly the most difficult. When the treated and healthy, if not applied preventive medicine every month several days, washing clothes was not boiled, hot iron, the ability of recurrence is very high.

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