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Benefit of the Papaya

Papaya fruit is not only a tasty sweet, cool, complementary, but also includes many carotin than other fruits such as apples, guavas, bananas.

In addition, the papaya has a large amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Vitamin A, calcium, iron, vitamin B, B2. Besides, the ladies also use papaya as a natural cosmetics.

�Support� digestion

Research has shown that papaya contains an enzyme digest called �papain�, very good for digestion. Because of this, the juice of green papaya fruit has been used in the manufacture of drugs for the purpose of treatment and support digestive system.

Medicine of The Lady

Of papaya fruit juice and dried resin is the main ingredient in the manufacture of anti-acne creams and hair shampoos.

The skin is left green papaya can be refrigerated in the refrigerator and used to create masks. This is also why people always belonged Island �ownership� of a fine white skin, and is never afraid to attack acne.

Having the ability to fight cancer

The researchers showed that, in contravention papaya containing anti-cancer and help prevent gallstones. So you go �feature� eat papaya with the aim to prevent cancer.

Effect of weight loss

In 100 grams of papaya only contain very little caloric content of about 32kcal. Thus, if you intend to lose weight, do not forget adding papaya on their menu.

Suitable for diabetes patients

Papaya is sweet though, but the studies have shown that diabetic patients have complete peace of mind when eating papaya without worry anything.

Treatment of wounds and warts bottle

You confused, embarrassed to see the appearance of burns or wounds bottle notes ugly warts on the skin. Simple way will help you quickly troubleshoot �and� return �for your confidence.

Just sap from the leaves of papaya trees were applied to the skin grows bottle or acne. You�ll quickly realize incredible efficiency.

Overcoming disorder �monthly�

Raw coral disorder is not rare disease with a girlfriend. Not necessarily used to the new drug can treat. Only just ate green leaves of the papaya tree can also improve the situation. Also, can drink syrup made from aloe vera plant (home crowd) also provide similar benefits.

Prevent infection and pus celebrate

Swelling always cause you pain, burning, very annoying even lead to infection. In that case, get a fruit juice of green papaya, swelling up a wound to prevent infection and pus celebrate.

Treatment of ulcers on the skin

To heal the sores on the skin, get a bit of butter mixed with water and applied to papaya ulcers. This approach will work as fast as the surface and associated injuries.

Dose of antihypertensive drugs

Because of papaya fruit contains large amounts of potassium therefore papaya is considered an extremely useful medicine for patients with high blood pressure and also helps you keep the spirit of balance and comfort. So do not forget to regularly eat papaya.

Prevent cardiovascular disease

Found �dozens� of studies have said, is in papaya nutrients can prevent oxidation of cholesterol (Cholesterl only able to affect the heart when oxidized). This is evidence that papaya can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Helps eyesight

You (especially the elderly) should be sufficient enough to eat about 3 servings per day or more to prevent the aging process as well as loss of vision

Very good for skin

Needless to spend all kinds of expensive cosmetics, make homemade masks the skin with papaya fruit. The effect is so great that no skin irritation.

You can combine papaya some other materials to create masks like fresh milk, yogurt or simply mashed ripe papaya on your face and wash up in about 15-20 minutes to work soft, smooth skin, prevent acne, pigmentation spots and especially effective in treating skin roughness.

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