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Cucumber : the real benefits

Contain water, vitamins and minerals, in addition to being used up in the preferred sisters, cucumber also have the effect of beverages, clear heat, detoxification, diuretic and weight loss. In addition, it also has support for AIDS treatment.

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional value in 100 g: 0.6 g protein, 1.2 g sugar, 0.1 g fat, 0.7 g fiber, 95g water, 10kcal energy, vitamins and minerals, potassium (150mg/100g), phosphorus cheese (23mg/100g), calcium (19mg/100g), sodium (13mg/100g), iron (1mg/100g), vitamin B, C, provitamin A (in cantaloupe), vitamin E (in cantaloupe )

Soft drinks, clear heat

Thanks to contain a very high water content and the slightly bitter cucumber beverage effect that no one can deny. Therefore, this fruit regularly appear in the meal with sliced form, cover your mouth. However, if eaten raw, many, cucumber can cause indigestion.

In addition to the effects of beverages, cucumber also have the effect of blood filtration, uric acid and soluble urat, diuretic and mild sedation. Due to the high calcium cucumber is good for big slow children and the elderly. People with heart disease, high blood pressure, use this fruit is also very good thanks to abundant amount of potassium.

Detoxification, diuretic

Is the most important agency in the process of elimination of toxins, kidney function filter toxins in the blood and debris generated after the resolution of the protein and excrete them out through urine. With diuretic, cucumber can clean the urethra, helps kidney toxic waste out in the primary tube.

In addition, cucumber also works to support detoxification of lung, liver and stomach. Due to the rich in potassium and low in sodium, cucumber water stimulates circulation in the body. In addition, it also offset the effects of minerals for the body with extremely appropriate rate.

Weight loss food

Thanks to inhibit the formation of body fat, cucumber is good for overweight people want to lose weight. It has the ability to control sugar metabolism of fat, and helps to strengthen activities of the stomach, intestines, does not increase body energy through fiber. In addition, cucumber also helps reduce cholesterol and anti-tumor

Support for AIDS treatment

Through experiments over 10 years, scientists have discovered some natural foods have anti-HIV effect. In the dark green of the melon containing cucurbitacin, can stimulate the body�s immune function, anti-cancer effects.

Therefore, cucumber appropriate patients with tumors boil, support effective AIDS treatment. The researchers said that the possibility above, people with HIV eat cucumber would be extremely beneficial. Cucumber are also researchers at the University of Kansas in the U.S. used to treat leukemia.

Natural Cosmetics

Many cosmetic companies are now using cucumber extracts to cool and skin regeneration, particularly for the scalp. Cucumber water can be considered the perfect tonic water and will help close the pores. If you burn skin when sunbathing, make mashed cucumber and burning up the place. The skin blisters around, the ball will end immediately

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