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Disadvantage with seafood

Sea so generously bestowed upon human beings produce no less. One of the things that is seafood, food products, �upper class� in terms of nutritional value and health.

These figures can not ignore poisoning

Seafood has advantages such as low levels of energy, protein, contain less fat (but not rich in saturated fat), cholesterol is almost negligible (except shrimp and squid), vitamin and mineral rich � So so, these food sources become more attractive and scientists, dietitians, doctors recommend eating to prevent and treat disease. However, besides the practical benefits, seafood has its downside. Every year, in U.S. 3, 3 to 12, 3 million cases of poisoning, leading to 3900 seven cases of death from infectious agents derived from seafood (but the real actors not only in numbers seven).

In developing countries, the situation still more dramatic. Only the common pathogens such as Cholera, Campylobacter, E. coli, Brucella, hepatitis A virus salmonell and has made 1, 5 billion people suffer from diarrhea and over 3 million children die from this disease annually.

In Vietnam no accurate statistics of cases of seafood poisoning. But maybe you can not forget the warning about the wave of death from eating puffer fish or mollusk species (crabs, clams, snails �) on the media in recent years, although the National Institute of Oceanography published 39 seafood species in Vietnam waters toxins. So whether you eat good food but you need to hedge.

Pollution from natural environment, storage �

Seafood as well as other foods can be contaminated from natural environment, farming environment, from the storage, processing and storage and supply. From the environment and circumstances, the potential hazardous agents found in marine products work.

First of all the natural toxins in dinoflagellate algae and diatom species such as. When fish and crustaceans to eat, toxins will focus on our internal organs and cause poisoning when people eat. Diseases caused by marine toxins are classified into two groups, depending on the transmission medium is a fish or crustacean.

The toxin causes paralysis (PSP) nervous system causing paralysis (NSP), diarrhea (DSP) and dementia (ASP) usually reside in the crustaceans. Such as ciguatera toxins, Tetrodotoxin often found in fish such as pufferfish (Fugu Japanese fish) or some species of octopus. They are odorless, tasteless, no matter whether you cook thoroughly decomposed, frozen, salted, dried or smoked �

Ciguatera poisoning is common in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, South Pacific Islands � More than 400 species of fish toxins, such as Barracuda, grouper, trout, parrot fish, red fish action, whales, Fish for �

Depending on the number of food, fish and size, they cause various diseases. After eating 10 to 12 hours, people will eat digestive disorders (abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting). Next, toothache, muscle pain, itching, blurred vision, urinary difficulty items, depression and fatigue, confused feeling hot and cold. Severe cases can take to regulate, more paralysis, respiratory failure, convulsions or coma.

In addition, victims may be cardiac arrhythmias, unstable blood pressure, low blood pressure or against. The neurological symptoms usually ended after a few weeks, sometimes months, can recur even after six months if the person eating seafood or drinking alcohol, coffee or soft drinks.

The symbiotic bacteria in some species of fish (more than 100 species of puffer fish), blue ring octopus (blue ring level) has produced toxin Tetrodotoxin inh. It is concentrated in the liver, ovary and colon.

Just 10-40 minutes after eating puffer fish or octopus green, people will eat the face tingling, numbness of the lips, tongue, mouth, hands, legs, headaches, sweating, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. Severe cases will cause difficulty speaking, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, exhausted, pale, paralyzed breathing, stop breathing � and death in 4-24 hours.

Besides natural toxins, you need to pay attention to bacterial toxins. It was produced in the process of breeding and store seafood inappropriate. Clostridium botulinum type E instance will produce a toxin when the fish are smoked, salted fish eggs or fish without eviscerating. Golden Staph (staphylococcus aureus) are often toxic if not preserved match �

Scombroid poisoning is common in countries eating more fish, occurs when the storage and processing in inappropriate conditions (such as temperature, pH �) that rotten fish, rotten produce toxins and histamine. This toxin is heat resistant, whether cooked or canned pasteurized across, histamine is not destroyed.

High concentrations of histamine or the body lacks the enzyme solution will cause poisoning. Four hours after eating, the food will face flushing, rash, angioedema, red conjunctiva, headache, palpitations, dizziness, dizziness � then order it within 3 to 8 hours.

The activities of the industrial waste land of heavy metals from soil soaked in fresh water, ocean water, then poured out poisonous to humans from eating contaminated seafood. Most common heavy metals (lead, zinc, mercury �), other chemicals such as pesticides, except fungi, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, growth hormones � One of the diseases caused by toxins This cause is minamata. It was described in Japan with the signs as shocked, the more difficult to control, speech and hearing damage.

Many bacteria can penetrate into the sea, in which most kinds of bacteria such as commas or semicolons cholera bacteria causing diarrhea and septicemia.

The salmonella bacteria, Shigella, E. coli � can cause seafood poisoning and death. If planting in unhygienic conditions, hepatitis A virus can infect and cause disease in marine products for adults.

If eaten raw cod, herring, mackerel, salmon or undercooked, infected people can eat nematodes anisakis. Since 1970, Vietnam had detected cases of small liver fluke infection causes hepatitis, cirrhosis in people who eat raw fish � fed by distribution of this parasitic infection.

Methods of preventing food poisoning

What to do when there are signs of food poisoning seafood?

- At home and seafood places to eat: As soon as the first signs, make cause vomiting and activated charcoal to drink. When the victim had disorders of consciousness, coma, respiratory support must be immediately blew choking mouth � mouth, mouth � the nose.

- Move quickly to the center of antitrust or other medical facility to meet the latest solutions, facilities, emergency medicine poisoning.

How to prevent

- Limit eating live seafood in the tourist destination unknown.

- Do not eat seafood can cause poisoning that experts had recommended as pufferfish, octopus green �

- Do not eat the seafood strange colors, flavors or seafood especially in polluted areas, not preserved, a hygienic processing.

- The number of worms, parasites every 6 months.

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