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Eating Bananas is good for your health

If you have high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, itchy skin, kidney stones, � the banana is a natural remedy that can support very effective treatment with drugs specific items below

Prevention and treatment of high blood pressure should eat three times daily, each meal from 1-2 ripe bananas. Need to eat in two months.

Peptic ulcer treatment: dried fruit in the shade of green bananas or dried at low temperature and then spread the dough. Last drinks at two times it did not not hungry, every time a soup spoon mixed with warm water.
Itchy skin treatment: Use sharp bark bananas wash water daily. Each day rinse 2 � 3 times.

Chapping treatment limbs: a fruit ripe for bananas (nine as possible), after drying heat. Hangngay evening rinse your hands with warm water, then dried bananas get hot where limbs were rubbing on the cracked skin, as many consecutive times you�ll win.

Constipation treatment: daily food consumption 250g ripe bananas before bedtime.

Cure for kidney stones: choice banana fruit thoroughly, dried grains, small distribution of drinking water from cooking; to 7 teaspoons (tsp) powdered seeds banana into 2 liters of water, simmer while 2 / 3 countries Yes. Drinking water daily as tea, instant 2-3 months for good results.
Diabetes Cure: Training laycu banana trees, washed, pound, forcing water to drink, use regularly and long term effects of blood sugar stable. Because no more bananas and tubers dug tubers complex, physicians (in China) has improved research: cross banana tree, carved a hole, covered up or buried, to water the banana trees standing on such information. Get it for patients to drink water. When the cut on the lower wilt down, like a cut tree is used several times. Banana water dilutes the rainy season than dry season drinking. Disease treatment in this way also relieved markedly. Corn or banana trees there are like, the original cut (ground about 20cm), took a knife carved holes in the fuselage to bananas, for one night, the next morning from the pore water level (by bananas body secretions) that drink.

Obesity prevention and treatment: use baking banana dish. How to do just to prepare a cooked banana pepper, halved peeled out. Then spread the money or paper baking tin dedicated food and then put the banana into the back pack. Set up pan bottom bananas, simmer for banana pack does not burn. Bake 2 minutes of smell bananas then turn back and Grill is within 2 minutes. A delicious meal, nutritious. Banana pepper grilled dishes can clean the blood, helps increase intestinal bacteria ich trong, on the other hand there is the dark roasted banana pepper, eaten often people do not crave the sweet again should be effective to reduce fat, even after born.
Cure white zone in women: take root of bananas pepper 250g, 120g pork. Two tunnels for the water to drink during the day.

Hair Loss Remedy much: the white plastic used in water consumption of banana trees (three targets tourists) to the skin daily by the head (hairline), will work to prevent hair loss and can help the skin will fall bitoc grows back. 30ml plastic swimming every day to this.

Good food poisoning: experience shows that use green sliced bananas served with assorted vegetables, meat, fish poison can be solved in these foods.

Economic seaweed treatment: results from the seventh green banana pepper, peeled, thinly sliced, dried, star fire and spread the dough. Do not pull pot (shavers in the ass coal boilers, wood) 15g, then mixed using distilled two things gradually. Each drink 2 teaspoons hot water to drink with empty stomach. Drink 3 times a day.

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