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Five Reasons Why Woman Should Eat Apple

1. Cancer Treatment
Obesity not only affects work, beauty and everyday life but also makes women susceptible to cancer.

A Japanese research team has surveyed 15,054 women in the past nine years, during which 668 women with cancer. Statistics � analysis shows that obese women are at risk of cancer (breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer and gallbladder cancer) than women with normal weight typically 29-47%.

So is there a way to help women not only lose weight but also to prevent cancer? In fact, eating apples every day can prevent cancer in women.

A study in Italy examined the diet of 629 cancer patients (colon cancer, esophageal cancer, larynx, breast cancer, ovarian cancer �), the results showed that the feeding on an apple a day reduced the risk of disease from 9-42% compared to those who do not regularly eat apples.

Also, the apple also contains fiber and is rich in flavonoids, substances that are effective against cancer.

2. Prevent osteoporosis

In apples contain good elements such as boron bone. U.S. study showed that boron can greatly increase the amount of estrogen in the blood and the concentration of other compounds, these compounds effectively prevent loss of calcium.

Health experts said that postmenopausal women consuming enough each day if 3g board, the rate of calcium loss can be reduced 46%.

3. Stroke prevention

Eating apples is best to eat all the skin for apple skin is rich in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant helping the body against damage from oxidation, reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease such as lack of heart attack, angina, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis �

However, chemical fertilizers and pesticides is very easy to stay in apple skin, if ingested can cause disease and other diseases. So, if unknown origin, it is best to wash and peel apples before eating.

4. Heart disease prevention

Essential component of the apple is folic acid and vitamin B, is effective in preventing heart disease. Antioxidants in apples are good for the heart�s activity, fiber, pectin, anti-oxygen and other chemical components in apples may reduce bad cholesterol in the body and to increase good cholesterol, which bad cholesterol is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease.

In a study at the University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), three groups of overweight middle-aged women will eat three apples a day, three pears a day, three cakes of oatmeal daily. After 12 weeks found that eating apples and pears group body weight decreased 1.22 kg, group ate oatmeal body weight did not change significantly.

Apples are a food rich in fiber, low calorie, regular meals do not see hunger, weight loss works very effectively.

5. Neutralize acids in the human body

70% of patients in the woman�s body is acidic, but apple is an alkaline food, so eating apples has a beneficial effect on physical strength and disease resistance.

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