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Five ways to prevent cancer less attention

We all know the basic issues in cancer prevention, such as not smoking (this is the main reason accounting for one fourth death caused by cancer); reduce drinking (alcohol increases risk oral cancer, breast cancer and reduce sign �

However, studies on cancer of the medical world achieve more progress. Here are five ways to prevent cancer may be less attention:

1. Regularly eat broccoli, cabbage and suplo. Researchers have discovered that natural chemicals found in these foods can increase the recovery of DNA in cells. This can help prevent cells becoming cancerous.

2. A delicious sleep: According to research scientists in the U.S. in 2002 with 1.1 million participants, they found that people who slept about seven hours in the night, then died of cancer less (or the author other people) who slept less than or more than one night.

3. Be diligent exercise: The present study shows that if you are more active, the chance of getting colon cancer and breast cancer (breast cancer is more deadly after lung cancer, 2) will less. Specifically, exercise can reduce colon cancer risk from 25-40%.

Exercising several hours in a week will affect hormones reduce the risk of breast cancer (30 � 40%).

4. Reduce saturated fats. European scientists on nutrition and cancer in 10 years has studied dietary habits of 500 thousand people across Europe. In this study, the researchers focused on 13,000 women and found that reducing saturated fat in the diet (such as fat dairy products or processed foods) may reduce the risk by half breast cancer. Women eat more than 90 grams of saturated fat when dieting to double the risk of developing breast cancer compared with people eating less (about 40 grams a day)

5. Reducing red meat: also from the scientific research shows the risk of colon cancer when eaten regularly over 160 grams of red meat (or meat processed) 3 times higher than those who ate 20 grams / day

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