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Guess disease by finger nail

Here are some changes seen in nails and related pathologies:

1. Pale nails. These may be signs related to age. However, this situation may also be a sign of more dangerous diseases such as anemia, congestive heart certificates; diabetes, liver disease, diseases of malnutrition.

2. Nails are white. When your nails white and dark around the edges, this could be a sign of liver disease such as hepatitis (usually associated with yellow skin color in the fingers).

3. Yellow nails. A reason often causes yellow nails are caused by fungal infection. As the situation worsened fungal infections, nails often shrink back, thick and cracked. In some special cases, yellow nails can indicate risk of disease as in thyroid disease or psoriasis.

4. Bluish-colored fingernails. When the nails bluish color means your body is not sufficient oxygen supply. This situation may be related to pneumonia.

5. Wavy fingernails. When the surface of corrugated nails spotted leaking, it could be early warning signs of psoriasis or arthritis. Psoriasis is a skin disease, usually starting from the nails.

6. Broken nails and peeling. When your nails show signs of dry, brittle and broken lead to peeling a sign related to thyroid disease. The pieces on breaking and peeling nails if your nails with a yellowish color is likely due to fungal infection.

7. Part swollen skin around fingernails red. When the skin around the nail color red and swollen, you may have suffered the many inflammatory diseases. This signal may be the result of disease or disorder luput function integrated model.

8. The dark black line appears under the nail. When the lines appear as dark black nails, you should check your health as soon as possible. Because it could be caused by signs of melanoma � a possible risk of skin cancer.

9. Bitten fingernails worn. The nail biting can be a habit for some people. But in some cases, this situation is manifest signs of anxiety and to prolong treatment. If you can not stop biting your nails, talk with your doctor to find methods of prevention.

Note: The nails are simply part of the problem, although a few changes in your nails often accompany some diseases, but these changes only warning. And you should also know, there are few other signs in the nails often harmless, such as anyone not white nails were hepatitis. In case you feel worried about signs of change in the nails, you should check immediately to a hospital in the skin.

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