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How to face stress during teenage ?

It is common that most of the teens face the problem of getting stressed in most of the situation. The fact is that the transition to adulthood is one of the stress factors. Teenagers need to be acknowledged by their parents. Otherwise it will lead to stress. It can be understood with some common stress symptoms. To get rid of stress it is suggested to play some stress relief games.

The common stress factors among teenagers are peer communication, maintaining the body image, getting adult, stage appearance, attracting the opposite sex, facing new environment, when comparing their own friends with other�s friends, when recognizing their own friend�s excellence, etc. It is suggested for their parents to care them and to take measures to relieve them from stress.

The stress symptoms which usually reflect stress among teenagers are Depression, loneliness, change in appetite, fear of losing, hopelessness, low blood pressure, slow heart rate, dehydration, difficulty with sleeping, low body temperature, nervous habits like nail biting, foot tapping, constant whistling, etc. It is the responsibility of their parents to note these stress symptoms with their teens and act accordingly to get rid of it.

There are some stress relief games to free the teenagers from stress. The outdoor games like soccer, golf, tennis, cricket and more. It is also a good to play indoor games with family members. There are few computer games recognized as stress relief games. These games will be a better suggestion to relieve from stress. But a common problem with these video games is getting addicted to those. It should be allowed only 45 minutes a day to play those games. Board games like monopoly, chess, and bughouse are also recommended. These games will help in sharpening their activities and to keep broadminded always. Card games will be the next choice for it. Here we have to make sure that not addicted to it.

The teenagers face many problems which indulge them in stress. It is the responsibility of their parents to identify the problem and leading their child in the right way.

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