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How to identified correctly fever in children

Fever in children has always been interested parents, is one of the main reasons that parents or young people to seek medical care, emergency. Understanding of fever for adults can help us feel at home or caring for young children to visit early in the medical establishment to be detected and treated promptly.

When called the �fever�

According to medical literature, a child is called a fever when the temperature measured inside the anus higher than 38oC. Temperatures measured at other locations on the body temperature is often lower than in the anus. So, if the pair armpit temperature was measured from 37.5 oC or more children at that time known as fever.

Myself fever, itself not a sign of life threatening except in cases of extremely high fever and prolonged, such as higher than 41.6 � C (as measured inside the anus). Fever may be the only signs point to a serious condition but sometimes just a manifestation of a common infection status. There is a center in the brain called the �hypothalamus� (hypothalamus) have full control of the functions of the body temperature. As commander of the hypothalamus increases the body temperature is one way the body against infection-causing agents. Fever is a common manifestation of infectious diseases, but there are other medical conditions not caused by infection but can cause fever.

The root causes fever

Fever is not a disease, fever is a symptom of many different medical conditions. Usually the root cause of the fever divided into two types: the root causes fever due to infection and fever due to infectious causes are not. Fever caused by infection usually causes a status symbol of viruses or bacteria infection. Causes fever due to infection may not experience in many different medical conditions such as blood cells are destroyed, when the inflammatory disorder, when the breathing problem, due to dehydration; by heatstroke, heatstroke, fever after the vaccine, sometimes due to the thermal center (hypothalamus) in trouble �

The expression is usually accompanied by fever

When a child has a fever, along with state higher body temperature is a common expression such as tired, fussy, flushing, sweating, tremors or shaking, older children can get a headache � Need attention, monitoring changes in the signs above, but should not be too worried, stressed that the signs on the thought that children have severe medical conditions or complications.

Some children are in age groups from 6 months to 6 years old when the temperature increases abruptly may appear fit young then called febrile convulsions. When a child can be seen twitching legs, hands and some parts of the body twitching, eyes rolling backward. Although only a simple febrile convulsion but also saw fit very scared (especially parents and those who directly care for children) seizures but usually not more than 15 minutes and the child recovered completely within 1 hour.

What to do when the child has fever

In most cases the root cause fever in children are caused by viruses, so children will self fever, back to normal after a few days. Most parents or caregivers often try to find ways to reduce fever for children wishing to avoid febrile convulsions may occur. This is true in theory, but the experience of many experts that the condition itself is also much sauce works well with the status of the child, so much so that when fever should also do its mission.

Though fever is also necessary for the young febrile children. Can be used warm water to clean baby wipe but also to know how this child could startle or panic run. So should not wipe the whole body warm for the child when the child has a fever that just wipe in a few places like the forehead, armpit � The use of antipyretic drugs for many children still have opposing views but many experts say should start antipyretic medication for children as measured in the armpit temperature is not lower than 38.5 oC. Antipyretic drugs commonly used dose of paracetamol is not too 3mg/1kg weight and drink every time interval of at least 4 hours to avoid causing harm to the liver.

When a child has a fever usually takes more water (through sweat, respiration �) so it is important to encourage children to drink enough water, not feeding children �abstain� when sick. A still more important than trying to find ways of fever for children, even more than drug fever is to monitor the situation closely fever, for young couples rest and regular temperature.

When children go to hospital?

Parents, caregivers must understand, to track and identify the child when the doctor � Children should be brought immediately to the medical facility when at least one of the following signs: not to drink or not feeding, vomiting everything, convulsions; child unusually sleepy or packaging li ; child difficulty breathing; unusual rash, headache, multiple; children with fever after the area is malaria, dengue fever �

This means in the early diagnosis find root causes fever simultaneously with the timely intervention of treatment.

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