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How to live longer?

What is old age?

The development of scientific civilization of mankind, the advancement of society � has made human life is increasing. In the sixteenth century, average life expectancy of men is 20 years old. But human life expectancy has now increased substantially.

We usually only people with years of old age, in months. But the problem is not always so. History of science research on aging recorded case of a man 14 years old that look, like a whisker were elderly. 15 years old who had taken vo.18 sedentary old age because poor health! And 20 years old, died not because of illness but because the body was � old. Again a different case: there is a new 2-year-old girl that has the experience as an adult, up to 8 years old, the body develops both physiologically and psychologically as a girl and her face is getting married this , baby. 25 years old, she died as an old lady �!

Medical history also re-recorded cases of children who live to 120-150 years old in good health both physically and intellectually. An Englishman named Thomas Parr lived to 152 years old to labor. 120 years old, he is very healthy and that the applicant can not live, so they get married (of course not the first time made the groom). He lives with his wife happily another 12 years. Contemporaries has it that his young wife is completely satisfied with their husbands. Hungarian couple named Jon and Ronven have been living together for over 147 years. Then the husband died 172 years old, his wife died aged 164 years.

Although time is not the ideal measure of old age. However, it must also be used as a general limit on the standards of old age. There the author says that the signs of aging integrity of physiological (ie aging takes place naturally, rather than pathological factors that cause people to premature aging) occurs in ages 70-80. But many scientists say aging integrity physiological manifestations when people lived over 100 years old. Currently, according to the World Health Organization, the age group 45 to 59 are middle-aged, 60-74 years old are starting age, 75 to 89 is 90 years old and over are college age. For people just �blindly� because it is physiological aging of the many tasks of modern science.

The expression in the aging signs?

French physician, Lagrangie wrote: �The first old knocked on the cardiovascular system.� This outlook is consistent with the situation of our elderly patients. According to statistics in a large hospital, the heart disease accounted for more than 50%, and then to gastrointestinal illness, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, and finally the nervous system diseases accounted for the lowest rates.

Cardiovascular system: the cardiovascular system, the ability of the heart muscle contractions decreased. This shows the signs of manual labor soon appear tired, �drum� in the chest, shortness of breath. After labor, a long circuit to recover the level before labor. The vascular changes in both structure and chemical composition. Narrowed heart arteries, hardening of the arteries leading to development of hypertension. When doing experiments to probe the function of the cardiovascular system, the reaction takes place is not �noisy�, as strong as for younger people. Therefore, elderly people must be careful when heavy labor.

Respiratory system: respiratory system functions also decline. Elasticity of the lungs poorly organized gradually. The respiratory muscles shrink, mobile frail chest. Markedly reduced capacity to live. The absorption of less oxygen so the process of metabolic disorders. This is an important factor as to organizations and cells grow old.

Digestive system: the digestive tract of the elderly has many variations. The digestive glands gradually degenerate: gastrointestinal contractions, weak movements. Loose teeth and then fall gradually. Liver function of the thyroid, pancreas decrease. Ability to absorb nutrients poorly. Eat less and no appetite anymore. Prone to constipation.

Bone: bone and ligament changes. Durable reduction of bone properties. Bones brittle and difficult to row. Bent down, walking, standing unsteadily. Skin elasticity decreased. Wrinkled skin. The wrinkles at the eyes, forehead and more. Dry and dull skin color goes.

Visual, auditory organs disorder analysis. Diminishing eyes. Cloudy lens of the eye and less elastic. Therefore, elderly patients often sighted eyes. Reduced hearing of the ear, the ear becomes deaf or can prance.

Sex: sex diminishing ability eventually to completely debilitating. In women first manifestation of this phenomenon is in menopause.

Nervous system: the aging of the nervous system has many features worth noting. Russian physiologist great I.P. Paplop and many other scientists have determined that the brain, especially the cerebral cortex is an organ with flexible, durable and most stable, capable of working, most adaptable, and time the agency is large and long-term vitality. Aging may have come with other agencies, but the brain is still sharp intelligence, mental capacity to work was still plentiful and can be creative labor until the last day of his life. The reason for dementia, or both, or forget it, there are not signs of aging with regular physical nature that most early aging is due to the effects of disease or trauma brain injury caused.

How to live longer?

There are many people young and dependent on his health so he lives indiscriminately, all the acquired habits, addictions everything. In the immediate future, they do not see the harm, so they excuse themselves by all kinds of reasons. But it�s time to just step on the threshold of age 40 but had back pain, appearance as an old man, the sluggishness, mental confusion � that�s when they were later regretted.

In short, the aging of a person is not only measured in months and years but also in the working capacity, creativity, joy for life. Of old age depends not only natural but also depends on each person.

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