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How to make your skin white and smooth in few minutes?

You can use cosmetics, makeup to make skin whiter, however, such a solution is only �fire� temporary. Let to try listening to advice how to get whiter skin from the inside.

Take care your skin in the morning:

After you wash your face clean, use toner water evenly over face and pat gently with fingertips to blood flow.

Then, using lotion containing SPF 15 or higher index points to end up on her face, then rubbing around.

Take care your skin in the evening:

Wash your face and use cleaning solution removing makeup classes, especially the eyes and lips.Then use rose water stain on the face, pat gently, so choose the type of rose water is essential moisture to replenish skin moisture to get out of dry, chapped.

Mask for your skin type, after the mask dry (about 20 minutes) clean surface.Finally, apply skin cream at night, so pick the cream does not contain oil and whitening essence. Night time is the best time to support white skin, causing skin to recover, become smooth.

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