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How to use watermelon beverage treatment ?

In recent years, watermelon is considered a follower of the fruit is very common in the daily lives of every family. Not the juicy watermelon. Easy to eat, but also gives the body a large amount of water and less vitamins with valuable trace elements.
However, many people actually proved very confused over what should be processed and used watermelon how to take advantage of its performance. Here are some typical ways of cooking for your reference and apply as necessary.

Method 1: Watermelon 1.500g, sufficient amount of table salt. Melons washed, starvation, and then scraped from the intestine pack into clean cloth, pressing water, stripped of bark green cantaloupe, cut waste and well water pressure (if there is a nice machine), two of Air together, added a little salt, used as a refresher. Uses: pepper troubles, detoxification, slake. People with infections, pimples, high blood pressure is useful to use.

Method 2: Watermelon a fruit, banana pepper 3 fruits, honey 100g. Wash melon, a knife cut a piece of the knob to the lid, remove the intestines tablespoons finely red type. Peeled banana chips and then move to the inside of honey melon, continue to puree, cover, refrigerate for about 3 hours is used. This is just lush fragrant medium sweet rich nutrients, fortification is useful, laxative, communication facilities. According to traditional medicine, banana (pepper flavor), sweet, cool calculation, negative returns can apple care, new born and slake service.

Method 3: Watermelon 1.500g, 30 g honey, lemon 100g, 50ml fruit wines. Melons washed using water and then presses lemon juice with honey and wine to stir. Uses: thirsty award criteria test, used as a summer refresher is good. According to traditional medicine, fresh lemon sour, cool calculation, whose functions the new born only thirst, clear heat test solution, talks only of concept. Nutrition traditional lemon used to coordinate with watermelon or sugarcane juice to produce the beverage bar in the summer heat.

Method 4: Watermelon 500g, 200g sugar, 20g sugar alum. Melons washed, peeled and seeds, cut pieces; sugarcane Morocco shells, small split. Two things to get water into the machine, processing more candy, drink daily. Uses: diuretic thermal bar, make health care, anti-vomiting and alcohol detoxification. This is a very good second beverage and attractive for both sweet scent just cool. According to traditional medicine, sugar sweet, cold calculation, which uses heat except annoying sound, new students only drink, Apple profit mediation, often traditional nutritional use for patients with diseases like: drunkenness, coughing and inflammation of the larynx due to faulty yin, vomiting and nausea caused by duodenal disease, constipation �

Method 5: Case 150g watermelon, melon (bitter melon), 50g, 50g squash. Watermelon shell peeled green trim, cut waste, melon and squash are peeled away and then move intestinal debris. All the presses to get water, can add a little sugar alum, dissolved and then used as a beverage. Use: thermal bar resolution test, except only annoying thirst; used as a very good summer drinks, especially those with diabetes, pimples, inflammation of the urinary tract, obesity � According to traditional medicine, bitter melon, cold calculation, which uses radio address to try heat, detoxification card entries. Modern research has proven capable of bitter melon lowers blood sugar in diabetic patients. The pale melon, cold calculation, which uses the heat of talk radio, except for annoying just thirsty, aquatic target barrel, making the body become slim, bright chestnut leather.

Method 6: 150g watermelon shell, pressing the 50g, 100g pears, sugar 10g alum. Cantaloupe green trim their shells, pressing the clean, peeled pears and nuts. Move all debris, for the press to get water, mix sugar and acidic drinks. Use: thermal bar except try and liquidation profit center waste, beverage. According to traditional medicine, sweet pears, computer cooling, heat is the new power bar, apple leap of talks, the alcohol solution; often used for people with high fever, dehydration, diabetes, constipation, inflammation respiratory drunk � From the sweet taste bitter, slightly cold properties, is useful only return faulty concept, sound mind tranquilizers, often used for people with respiratory diseases, neurasthenia, depression body after the disease has prolonged fever.

Method 7: 6.000g watermelon, pineapple 500g, 50g sugar, 300ml water boiled. Cucumbers peeled and seeds, pineapple peel pads soaked with salt water move in a minute. Take two presses to get juice, mix sugar, water processing and more soft drink used as maps. Use: thermal bar except trouble, new students only thirst, stimulates digestion, is ideal for use as drinking water in summer. According to traditional medicine, pineapple sweet and sour, calculated average, have the new heat energy bar, but annoying just thirsty.

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