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Losing weight faster if you have exercise together

Average woman will reduce 5kilo when she has a girlfriend with a healthy diet and exercise with her. Whereas the first set I can only be reduced 0.5 kilos in the same period.

3000 Research shows that 61% of women can not focus the energy to exercise alone. However, the same exercises but with you, so they are motivated to overcome the difficulties in training.

In addition, the collective benefits together to create intimacy, than sticking with your friends. More than one-half of people surveyed think will help you train with more emotional attachment.

Sian Lewis (Diamond Corporation, England), who conducted the survey, said: �It is difficult to spend time, energy and enthusiasm for exercise when no one along with its implementation. And when the busy work, it easy to relax on the couch instead of running cold on the street or the swimming pool. But if you have a friend who attracted his attention, pulling her to train hard, you will be refused. So exercise is not just sweating, weight loss, but also helps to love you more closely through meaningful moments together.

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