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Sex can make the brain more developed

According to a new research findings in mice, appears to sex can help brain development.

Scientists from Princeton University in America discovered that mice sexual performance also seemed less worried than their children never had sex.

Detected in the past have shown that stress, unpleasant circumstances can curb the growth of brain cells in adults.

And to examine whether comfort thanks to sex have an impact not experience stress, researchers have conducted testing the effects of sex on the mouse.

According Livescience.com, the scientists played a matchmaking by adult male mice with female mice to approach every relationship a day within two weeks, or once in two weeks.

They also measured blood levels of the triggers that cause stress are called glucocorticoids, which can be located behind the adverse effects on the brain by causing unpleasant experience.

When compared with males is not related, both groups of mice were sexually active with the development of more brain cells or increasing the number of neurons in the hippocampus, a part of the brain associated with memory that its cells particularly sensitive to unpleasant experience.

The mice had sex also had more brain cells mature development, as well as increase the number of connections between brain cells.

However, mice exposed children only once in two weeks that the level of high stress triggers, while the mouse met regularly showed no increase in these hormones.

The mice had sex also showed less anxiety than those children without a mate. We will soon embark on the dishes in a familiar environment while mouse �Virgin� still shy, wary.

These findings suggest that stress triggers that may be detrimental to the brain but can be overwhelmed if any comfort through sex.

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