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Should Babies Drink Water?

The pediatrician, said children aged under 12 months should not add too much water, because the implications are huge if it comes to children drinking excess water. Young is too young, do not know what response like, dislike, and not sufficient enough so parents must choose enough doses for children.

Ngoc Ha�s mother made her very proper explanation, breast milk itself contains a certain amount of water, in addition to providing nutrients feed the body, this baby is also enough water for the baby in a day. Infants, and breastfeeding mainly divided into many small meals, even just 1 hour back to a once nursing mothers should not worry you are dehydrated.

For adults, the water is necessary and sufficient to add the necessary, but for other babies, add little water when the body has enough water needed to cause serious disease

When additional water is needed?

However, say that does not mean that children are not drinking while under 12 months old, there are some cases you still need to add water to the child.

- When children begin feeding (usually from month 5 onwards), then in addition to breastfeeding, you should also let me drink some water. Besides water, the baby can drink fruit juice with a certain dose, should not be too much.

- When your baby has a fever, body water loss should be added quickly and the more breastfeeding. This is also a way to help her body temperature decreased slightly.

- The weather is too hot, baby play, a lot of exercise to lose a lot of sweat, which means the amount of body water loss was rapid. This time, the addition of the baby is absolutely necessary, you should also let me sit in a cool place to avoid losing too much water.

- Your baby has diarrhea, water loss should pretty much apart from breastfeeding than usual, you should also let me add a little water to drink to replenish lost water.

- Your baby is vomiting causes dehydration, if the baby is breast feeding after each vomit to avoid starvation and dehydration, while the baby is feeding, they may drink more water.

However, for very young non-breast milk, but in addition it is necessary to add water, like a new baby can digest milk is good for dry and high in more than breast milk so if not enough water will affect your baby�s digestive system later.

Generally, for infants under 3 months old then you can add about 30ml of water per day, over 3 months old, between 30 � 50ml. For fully breastfeed your baby, just take a small sip of water after feeding dessert was done to avoid thrush.

You need to regularly monitor your child�s expression to know whether she has enough water, signs of water shortage is most evident baby constipation, dry mouth and demanded a drink. After birth, you can consult your doctor about drinking regime for your child to avoid child drink too much or too little.

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