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Should You Go To Bed After Eating Full?

�Stretch abdominal skin, eye infections skin� � this statement about the phenomenon for von enough food and sleep. But according to medical experts, if he slept after eating it immediately, it would be detrimental to health.

Why eaten back asleep?

Visit the Nutrition Center (National Institute of Nutrition), on which there are many patients who visit the diseases associated with poor appetite, poor digestion. Not only children, the elderly but also young people who are still �old food, big� well visit. Patients say they often have the habit of eating it done then go to bed at noon is always special, because when it finished eating very sleepy.
Phenomenon sleepy after eating it completely unfounded. Because after eating, the stomach will contract, a large volume of blood will accrue to the stomach to help digestion, so the amount of blood to the brain and other organs decreases, causing the phenomenon of sleepy, tired fatigue.

Symptoms of fatigue and drowsiness may occur when a high sugar meal. When food goes down fast so gut insulin concentration increased up to make low sugar also causes fatigue and sleepiness.

Do not eat it too, by normal human digestive system every day just release a certain amount of digestive juices. If it makes food too bulging stomach, the secretion of digestive juices are not enough, food is not digested all been excreted. Undigested food remains in the colon ferment, toxins. It is also one of the reasons hindering the digestion. This will cause both sleep problems, poor digestion medium.

After eating it should not go to bed now especially with the elderly. The reason is then fed to sleep will cause your stomach to stretch, pushing up the diaphragm presses hinder the heart�s activity. Also, right after a meal increases the pressure on the ability to digest food of the stomach. Amount of food in their stomachs do not digest all the body is always tired, irritable after waking up. More severe disease can also cause stomach pain or edema for parts of the body, especially the face and limbs.

After eating it should sit or walk within 30 minutes of soothing the stomach to help digest food kneading to move to the small intestine so easy then to bed.

These habits need to remove

After eating, the blood vessels in the stomach and intestines is often stretching up because blood flow to the digestive organs to work more to help digest and absorb food.

If the shower is finished eating right and working to mobilize the body makes blood supply to the digestive system is not enough, the division of digestive discharge is reduced, if prolonged periods will cause stomach ailments chronic.

A habit is detrimental to the digestion and absorption of food is eating while watching television, reading books. Prolonged time can cause headaches, fatigue.
Squat eating habits should also quit, because when squatting, intestines and stomach were very powerful force, affecting digestion, and abdominal arterial pressure was not causing additional gastric blood flow necessary lead to impaired digestion.

Therefore, to ensure healthy after eating it we have to relax, then gently back to continue working or going to bed.

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