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Six Tips To Prevent Unirate Tract Infection In Woman

Although yeast infections are relatively easy to treat but they also cause you pain and suffering.
1. Unirate after sex

While sex, the tiny bacteria can enter the urinary tract, so the best way to prevent urinary tract infection is to urinate after sex.
It may not be very romantic when you do this soon, but even better is infection!

2. Wearing cotton underwear

Cotton always have good ventilation, do not cause immediate secret, sweating, such as nylon or other type of fig. Anyway, it also helps � yours � breath easier. Therefore, you should avoid wearing artificial silk cloth chips or nylon.

3. Replace wet clothing immediately after swimming

Wet clothes pool is the land of �raising� the potential for bacterial urinary tract infections there. Remember to shower again and change the clothes are dry clean after you finished swimming

4. Drink a lot water

To keep your urinary tract stay healthy, clean and free of infection you need to drink more water too.

Drinking more water helps you to urinate more often and also the best way to get rid of those nasty bacteria outside the body.

5.Clean vagina from front to back

After bathing or cleaning enclosed areas you need to finish cleaning from front to back to avoid spreading germs bacteria from the anus to the urinary tract.

Nghe�?c ng? �m 6. Should drink fruit juice

If you feel or have to urinate several times a day, but going a litle.It may also signal the start of urinary tract infections there
Fruit juice are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to fight inflammation in the urinary tract. The teen should drink 3-4 glasses of pure juice (undiluted) in a few days will see an improvement soon.

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