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Sleep Too Much Make Diabetes

Adults should sleep 7-8 hours per day
It is the opinion of Master Phan Huong Duong, PRIVATE Endocrinology Hospital. She said that one research on 9,000 people showed up more than 50% risk of diabetes in people sleep more than 9 hours per day and this risk has increased in the group who slept less than 5 hours per day.

Because during sleep the brain and other organs less active, very easily lead to obesity, but obesity is a major cause of diabetes. Also, waking up too late will disrupt the biological clock of each person, endocrine disorders and severe impact to the spirit, can even cause depression.

So the more sleep the more tired, but not as comfortable as we think. However, less than 5 hours sleep a day are at risk of diabetes increased two fold compared to the average person, because the way we usually think, work � and energy to recharge, leading to excess body fat can.

So the best adult, one day should sleep about 7-8 hours, while children around 9 o�clock, aged about 6 hours is appropriate.

Sleep causes headaches

TS.BS Tran Van Khoa, Military Medical Academy to share, can sleep more cardiovascular disease. When we operate, could break the heart rate relatively quickly and push blood to the brain. When the body resting heart rate will slow beat, pumping blood to the brain so that the decrease.

Sleep will get you eating right now cause intestinal spasms. Over time will make you suffer from chronic gastritis. On the other hand, daytime sleep, sleep well at night or early morning because of pain related to the neurotransmitter substance serotonin.

According to Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, the nervous Science Center, National Institute of Gerontology, adults normally sleep about 7-8 hours per day. With older people, just about 5-6 hours per day is sufficient. Some of the less active older people, especially people with stroke to be lying in bed all day packing li slept or vice versa, there is no need for sleep at night.

These cases, said Dr. Thanh Binh, the home care regime should be good, relatives often take place outdoors in the morning, afternoon to feel like family still operate as normal. Only in the evening, the patient will be sleeping like normal people.

If the person in the house for the whole family, with dim lighting, the patient susceptible to sleep disorders, ie sleep all day and cant sleep at night because no need for sleep.

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