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Sleeping Pills � How to Use It Safety ?

Everyone knows that sleeping pills are drugs that we would go to sleep when insomnia. However, everyone has to use sleeping pills or not using sleeping pills and how safe, effective, affordable and user has not been sufficiently interested.
Along with the development of society, the pressures on education issues, as well as work with each family growing up leading to more cases of sleep disorders, the most common is insomnia. Natural sleep of man is not shut down completely, but it is a particularly active form of the body, helping restore power consumption, while awake. Therefore, when insomnia lasts will cause deterioration of physical and mental and requires measures to restore sleep.

There are many ways to classify insomnia. If divided by time have two types: temporary insomnia (1-2 days) and chronic insomnia. If divided according to sleep stage, there are the sleep insomnia (trouble starting sleep), insomnia between sleep (difficulty maintaining sleep) and sleep late insomnia (waking early).

Insomnia can be caused by many different causes. Some people lose sleep due to external impacts (noise, strange place, travel to where the time zone change) or by eating habits are not reasonable (too well fed or hungry). The use of stimulants (tea, coffee), some medications (medications used to treat depression, drug stimulates the central nervous �) also cause insomnia. Many cases of insomnia due to depression, stress or medical conditions.

When to see a doctor?

If loss of sleep due to external impact, by eating habits, the use of drugs, stimulants, you should remove the factors that effect.

If only 1-2 nights of insomnia, the sleeping pills may well resolve this situation. When severe mental trauma or stress, sleep medications may be appropriate in a short time to help us overcome stress and avoid the psychological consequences after a sleepless night.

But if insomnia lasts (over a week) you should see your doctor to find the cause of insomnia and counseling treatment reasonable, should not arbitrarily extend the use of sleeping pills on their experience. Only use sleeping pills when no other treatment.
Use of sleeping pills so that safe

Harmful effects of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills help restore sleep quickly, creating deep sleep but usually sleep after waking up tired and patients often feel heavy head, headache, and people. Besides the consequences can immediately see that the sleeping pill has many other undesirable effects. Therefore, most sleep medicines are prescribed and medication should be used only when indicated by your doctor. Even some non-prescription drugs (such as herbal medicines such as sleep) does not mean that the drug is safe.

Most sleep medications (bacbiturat, benzodiazepines) after prolonged use will cause �massive� drug, the patient dose is not effective in increasing doses that must be continuous. These drugs can cause addiction to patients if used improperly designated as overdose or use over time, patients become dependent on drugs, no drug can not sleep again. If you stop medication abruptly, quitting will cause syndrome: headache, dizziness, irritability, insomnia, muscle tremor, osteoarthritis pain � To avoid this phenomenon are not recommended for long, must have holiday time in medicine, when to stop medication should reduce the dose gradually.

Methadone is metabolized by the liver and excreted through the kidneys, so if the liver function, as renal impairment, sleep medicine will remain in the body longer. Thus the elderly or people with a history of liver disease, kidney should avoid this drug. And only low doses, no prolonged use.

Sleeping pills cause respiratory depression and prone to respiratory disorders, are dangerous to patients with respiratory disease (chronic lung disease, obesity �).

Sleeping pills were most harmful to the fetus when used in pregnancy, some drugs also cause deformities, birth defects. According to research by American scientists, the children born of mothers who abuse narcotics have an IQ lower than the normal child the same age. On average 10 children are affected by maternal substance abuse to sleep, then at least one child with autism, there are also many risk other diseases such as epilepsy, Migraine �

Insomnia is a manifestation of a certain disease, rather than the cause. Using methadone to treat only symptoms, not help the cause of the disease. Moreover, the use of sleeping pills also lead to unreasonable consequences extremely serious. So, wants to have a good sleep, patients should see your doctor to get effective treatment.

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