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Stop smoking just with 10 minutes for jogging everyday

Physical activity leads to changes in brain activity, helps reduce the level and feeling of �drug craving� of smokers � a new study reveals.

This study was conducted at the University of Exeter (UK). Researchers have discovered that in some way, the exercise will change the course of information transmission in the brain smokers, making sense of �drug craving� of them significantly. This research has helped scientists can confirm that exercise can help cessation of tobacco and other drugs.

Initially, researchers used MRI methods (EEG) for smokers to outline and evaluate the images appear �cigarettes� and feeling �drug craving� in their brains after exercise. 10 heavy smokers were asked Loris cycling at an average of about 10 minutes. Previously they were required to �fast� drugs in 15 hours. Then, the scientists conducting the EEG capture these people while they watch a series of 60 different images of �cigarette.� Results showed that sense of �drug craving� reduced substantially after they cycled for 10 minutes.
A group of 10 others were taken after 15 hours EEG �fast� drugs. But this group was asked not to exercise before. As a result, feelings of �drug craving� This group is not reduced but even significantly increased.

Scientists still do not know the exact structure of brain activity in the adjustment of feeling �drug cravings in addicts. One theory is given as: exercise helps improve your mood, help you to retreat and feel comfortable. Most smokers because they felt stressed at work, in life and find drugs to help them calm down and balance.

Kate Janse Van Rensburg Ph.D., University of Exter, said: �10-15 minutes walking, cycling, or jogging can help a lot in your determination to quit. Moreover, the exercise also gives you a body balanced, healthy, improve mood and longevity. �

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