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Tips For Making A Beautiful Lips

A beautiful smile can do many passionate man. And to own that charming smile, can not start with a naturally beautiful lips.

1. Pencil and lipstick with concrete

Lip pencil too dark compared to the lipstick color is no longer the trend of today�s makeup again. Color pencil must be compatible and most closely resembles your lipstick color

Advice to you is to choose a neutral lip pencil to match any color lipstick and lip color does. And natural beauty to the lips, use a delicate pencil edge.

2. Conceal defects

Makeup can help you to feel your lips

- Too thin lips: Who�s the outline to eat every size. When choosing a lipstick, lip stick should choose, avoid using too much lip gloss. Color lipstick should be selected as the tones like red, pink, strawberry, peach, brown, pink � Avoid dark colors can make the heavy lines.

- His lips are too thick: To hide the file size down, maybe put a little cream (foundation or government) on the edges of the lips. Border drawing guys, should draw on the border of the lips. Avoid bright lipstick tones. Colors are appropriately dark, but there is little shade in cool, comfortable shade like red, dark pink shadow �

3. Moisturize

Unlike facial skin and other body parts, every little skin pigment melanin, so vulnerable to �attack� from the outside environment. Moreover, the new skin has no sebaceous glands very easily be dried, cracked and damaged. Thus, the moisturizer is the best care for your lips.

There are many lip products to choose from. But do not abuse these products too. Remember, you have to lip from the inside as drinking more water and eat more fruit.

4. Dead skin bleaching

To lips taut and absorbing the best moisturizer, should remove the dead cells on the lips. A simple way is to use a soft toothbrush and some vaseline. Then, brush gently in circular motions from both sides then began slowly to come between their lips. If you have time, before steaming to remove dead skin so new skin for soft lips, cleaning easier.

In particular, removal of dead skin while avoiding lips are chapped or burned.

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