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Tips for treatment of headaches

Pressure of work and life that you often have headaches. However, the use of drugs often will not be good.
Try some tips to cure headaches

- A clean towel dipped in hot water, drainage and then bang on the forehead, in relaxing, rest from 50-10 minutes, the headache will decrease rapidly.

- If someone is not afraid of technology, the smell can get about 3 tbs turmeric powder with a little water to flower turmeric paste, turmeric powder limp response to the tran today. Technology that offers very good with the skin, women can take this opportunity to use technology as a mask to beautify their skin.

- You can also hup clams boiled water. Just rinse clams, boiled with SA, chilli, ginger and stamping. eating oysters, clams just hup countries, has not been a headache.
- Sat cross-legged, back straight, close your eyes with a sitting meditation. Focus attention on the junction between the two eyebrows and relax for several minutes but Simple way will help reduce the headache quickly.

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