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Tips for Your Skin Perfectly In The Spring

Can be considered clean autumn is the season of the year by the rains last fall. This time, your skin needs more care, especially for oily skin or dry skin. Here are tips to civil architecture to your skin healthy and smooth in the autumn.

- Regularly exfoliating, deep cleansing with toner.
- Do not abuse the skin moisturizer
- Use moisturizing cream without a basis of the water
- Mask made from pumpkin to remove dead skin once a week
- Acne Treatment by pasting thin pieces of garlic on acne for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.
- Fruit mask every 3 days
- Pour the dry after a shower, do not rub up
- Even on rainy days or sunny days, all sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside.
- Avoid the use of many cosmetics, use waterproof cosmetics
- Use soothing tones bright eyes
- Removes dead skin to vacuum once a week
- Avoid fried foods, fried to curb acne development.
- Hot bath before bed

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