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Tips help Children to Sleep Well

Parents who decide how much sleep children need. Most children aged 1-2 years old need 10-13 hours sleep per day, including the baby naps anymore.

Some parents find that they need more sleep during the day. However, some will think that, precisely because so many so little nap during the night, children slept little and often harass them. So, please note the following to your baby at night and sleep more deeply:
Establish routine: If children woke up very late in the morning to sleep for the night, let them wake up a little earlier each morning to encourage your baby to sleep more at night when the house was sleeping. Afternoon and evening not to put baby to bed now sleep at night she can sleep better.

Every night when they woke up, repeat what you did to their bed at bedtime each night. If you lull them by feeding little baby woke up half the night when you�ll have to do so.

Avoid baby active at night. Active and strong before bed will cause a lot of excitement, leading to the baby sleeping, or awake during sleep. If the shower makes the baby feel relaxed, let your baby shower before bed

Your children can still sleep in the crib age. Placement should stay away from the cage curtains, windshield, hanging paintings or wall hangings because when high winds, these items can be dangerous for the baby.

Environment is one of the factors causing the baby awake at night. They can be too cold or too hot. During the winter months, your baby should wear warm pajamas.

Children scared to sleep alone because they can see the bizarre shapes when darkness falls. You should dim electricity, help them massive darker.

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