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Treat anemia by wheat

Cool sweet milk wheat, have sedative, air care center, stop stealing the sweat. Of wheat bran effective treatment nerve edema and inflammation. Wheat also made into malt powder contains vitamins, protein, calcium, sugar, iron � essential for the activity of the heart, nervous, blood. Feed used is very good for children, elderly, people with physical illness, depression, nervous breakdown.

Treat anemia caused by poor nutrition, limb edema: Using wheat as the communication module to eat.

Treat damaged body weakness, sweating more: Using wheat flour, apple pulp and tertiary labels thoroughly with boiling water. Eat the whole, the country will give good results.

Treat damaged body weakness, Tuberculosis, leprosy Welding: Using human wheat cooked with goat meat to eat.

Treat the damaged spleen weakness: Use wheat flour mixed with skeptical paint thoroughly smashed heat and add sugar to eat.

Treat the whole body edema: Use of wheat bran roasted yellow, red line sufficient amount, mix two things. Drinking water along with great apple.

Insomnia due to anxiety, upset, insecure: Get people wheat (wheat crust removed), licorice, great eating apples cooked into soup.

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