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Treatment of mild burns

If the light burns, no need to doctor, you can use the fast ways to heal wounds and reduce pain.

Whole milk

One of the quickest ways to soothe the burning skin burns in the area is soaked in milk. However, not all types of milk are used to treat burns. You should use the high-fat milk because the fat content in milk soothes burns quickly.

Soak the burned skin in whole milk is the perfect time for 15 minutes, or a towel soaked in milk was put on areas of skin injured by burns.

Hygiene and skin burns clean

To help the wound heal burns faster, you are cleaning the area as clean as possible. 24 hours after burns, burns you should wash with soap and water diluted mild salt. Also, always keep the burn surface is dry and tie it with a cloth or gauze.

Try the cream of haemorrhoids

If you have hemorrhoids treatment cream is available in the Apply this cream to speed up the healing process, then cover the wound with a clean gauze. Typically, the treatment of burns with hemorrhoids cream can help heal burns faster. Within three days, the burn will be significantly improved.

Avoid soaking in ice water burn

Many people believe that, when burned, you should soak the burned skin in very cold water. However, ice can actually cause a burn on worse by killing cells in the injured skin.

Just use ordinary water instead of ice or cold water. The wound was rapidly cooling will not cause damage to other skin cells.

These tips for quick heal burns

Besides these measures, you can promote healing of burn wounds by drinking plenty of water daily. If you drink less water, the burned skin tends to dry, take more time to heal.

Eat more vegetables, fruit and fiber, because if the body than healthy skin will heal over.

Apply Neosporin antibiotic ointment 3 times a day will not keep the bacteria not only enter but also to promote rapid wound healing. Besides, the cover, forcing the burned area covered with a cloth and fix burns treatment every day until they are completely healed.

In addition to healthy diet and drink plenty of milk and apply ointment, you need a lot of rest. Skin lesions will recover when you sleep.

Combining measures for wound pain of burns

If the injury causes irritation, use acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil) to help reduce the discomfort.

Apply the cream soothes burns fat.

Mix one part white vinegar mixture or lemon juice with 3 parts cool water and spray directly on the burn wound. The pain can be relieved in a few hours with a simple spray. This spray is non-toxic and natural.

You can put wet tea bag directly onto the burn. In addition, tea can also get cold water spraying directly on the wound.

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