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Vitamin B2 Affect to Health

Vitamin B2 in general and in particular vitamin is necessary nutrients are supplied daily to the body develop and function normally. When the body lacks vitamin B2 not only fatigue, reduced work capacity, but also cause bowel dysfunction, inflammation of the tongue, mouth �

The importance of vitamin B2
Vitamin B2 (also known as riboflavin) is a group of vitamin B. Is water-soluble vitamin, found in cereals, vegetables, beans, meat, eggs, milk, heart, kidney, liver � In the body, vitamin B2 is more important: directly involved in the oxidation reaction; control of the respiratory response of the cell metabolism, metabolic substances: sugar, protein, fat energy to provide active cells, affecting the absorption, storage and use of iron in the body (very important in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia) � Vitamin B2 mainly excreted in the urine (makes urine yellow) a small fraction excreted in faeces.

When the body lacks vitamin B2, people always feel tired, reduce work capacity. Wound healing, anemia, bowel dysfunction, dyspepsia, chronic colitis, liver failure, acute hepatitis, hives, itching and flaking scales body; stomatitis (cracks, sores), inflammatory tongue (purple or red tongue with maps), each swelling or atrophy mucosal lining of lips; dermatitis increased secretion of sebum (the face, scrotum, vulva); children grow slowly; leather collar hot; eyes to the membrane; �

Vitamin B2 deficiency causes?

- Meals are not enough vitamin B2.

- The body of vitamin B2 malabsorption.

- Lack of other B vitamins.

- Use some drugs such as vitamin B2 deficiency: clorpromazin, imipramine, amitriptyline, adriamycin, probenecid � these drugs cause decreased absorption of vitamin B2 in the stomach and intestines.

- When the body of infection, fever, diarrhea, burns, trauma, removal of the stomach, stress, liver disease, cancer. Children have the highest amount of bilirubin in the blood. In particular, alcoholics will often vitamin B2 deficiency because alcohol can interfere with intestinal absorption of vitamin B2

- Lack of vitamin B2 deficiency is common when the other B vitamins.

Enhancing supplements of vitamin B2

In these cases required additional vitamin B2 (diet, patients, pregnant women, alcoholics, people are taking drugs cause decreased absorption of vitamin B2, child malnutrition and growth retardation .. .) must be as directed by your doctor for vitamin B2 depending on the needs sex, age and health. Moreover, if used indiscriminately vitamnin B2 and high doses, the urine will turn bright yellow will cause errors for some urine tests in diagnosis.

The simplest and most effective way to supplement is vitamin B2 daily diet with balanced nutrition, sufficient. Eat foods rich in vitamin B2 such as green vegetables, legumes, liver, kidney, eggs, fish ..

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