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Water can also cause obesity

Many health center in U.S consultant has recommended that drinking water daily can cause obesity and increased risk associated with fertility.

Water is the foundation of life. It is a major component of cell structure and should have an important role to maintain the operation of metabolic processes in the body. Moreover, fresh water to help people, not something with a glass of water in summer. But drinking water is really good for human health?

Even carefully filtered, water is habitat of many species of bacteria and it also contains substances harmful to health. Especially bottled water. A recent study by Harvard University showed that 2 / 3 residues of chemicals in the urine as drinking water bottles are packed in plastic containing the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that causes gender issues calculated.

In addition, the estrogen compounds were found in the composition of natural water. These are chemical compounds often found in pesticides or herbicides. Can wash away soil in the process, these chemicals are washed into rivers and flow or leaching into underground water. The hormone estrogen stimulates the body characteristics in women at puberty. Estrogen is synthesized to produce the pill. If the excess of this hormone, the body of women at high risk of breast cancer and obesity.

Many people believe that using bottled water is a good way to get pure water. This is not entirely accurate because the water can be packed in a reagent bottle, but a number of chemicals used to manufacture bottles harmful to human health.

The best way to have clean water, pure serve the essential needs of life is in itself create a clean water source, this is recommended by the American Health Consultants memory. In addition, a water filter can help remove heavy metals in water and protection of human health.

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