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Which chopsticks used the best for your health?

Disposable chopsticks

Under supervision of hygiene experience �type disposable chopsticks after detoxification preservation period is longest for four months, if the preservation period is likely to produce mold, the colon bacillus.�
In fact many people did not know the disposable chopsticks used term, besides it contains many hidden dangers for the most part now these chopsticks remain high through quotas allow. Such �clean disposable chopsticks really not cleaning at all.

Plastic chopsticks

Plastic chopsticks are very colorful, easy to make popular. However, looks stunning, but not necessarily to ensure no harm to the user.
When meeting hot plastic chopsticks will release the chemical composition can be harmful to human body composition that every hour every minute harmful to health, more plastic chopsticks very soft, easy to transform.

Metal chopsticks

Durable metal chopsticks, this is no doubt, but it is extremely harmful, because of its thermal conductivity provides.
Everyone likes to eat the hot, metal chopsticks makes you even more hot hot, so heat can lead to inflammation of the tongue.

In addition, when using metal chopsticks is not easy, so smooth, when picking a chicken leg lead to mouth fell away.

Wooden chopsticks

Many chopsticks are made from wood, but manufacturers often want to manipulate the product is attractive.
After the �makeup� on the surface of the paint roller will residual heavy metals and harmful material. Prolonged use of these substances will penetrate into the body, do not know how serious harm to the body. Of course, natural wood chopsticks are not on the potential risks.

Natural Chopstick

From the standpoint of health but said choosing chopsticks comes naturally is best. Chopsticks as beautiful as many potential dangers, so you should choose choose chopsticks chopsticks made from bamboo and rustic natural design of you.
However difficult to clean, prone to mildew, so after a meal should be noted washed clean, washed it dry with a clean cloth, to the canister wand ventilated, dry storage

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