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Which foods can help you have a nice belly?

These foods can help your round two of the compact into a lovely slim waist.

_ Sweet Potatos:

Sweet potatoes are fairly inexpensive food but very beneficial for health. Sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A, B, C, E and protein, starch, amino acids and over 10 kinds of trace elements necessary for human body such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc � Besides, sweet potatoes also contain an abundant amount of fiber can stimulate stomach contractions. In addition, oligosaccharides in potato quality is good for the colon, helps maintain the elasticity and ease of circulation of the blood vessels, and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

_ Apple :

People have a saying: �Every day eat an apple will not see your doctor.� This is not saying no either by glue apple plant that no other fruit. This colloid is a natural fiber solubility, will expand with water. So drink more water after eating the apple will create a sense of stomach. Besides, natural fiber in apples can promote the activity of the stomach and intestines, help the excretion process easier.

To promote effective slimming second round of the best apples you should eat raw fruits apples, water should not mix the vitamins. Can also cut apples into small pieces and mix with no sugar or milk with almonds to dig into the fruit juice is much more natural fiber.

Recently, oats are considered a good food for health. The food or even drink made from oats are selling like hot cakes expensive. However, most people were impressed by the work oatmeal lower cholesterol without knowing that actually the content of oats is rich in fiber. This type of work to reduce the absorption energy of the body, it make sense for the stomach, in addition to laxative diuretic, helps the body excrete substances debris quickly.

Cook the soup, cooked with white rice or rice mixed drink processing are all ways to help maximize the efficiency of oat.

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