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It�s quite observable, with a quick stroll down the dangerous middle aisle of any grocery store, that a lot of foods market targets kids. After all silly rabbit, �Tricks are for kids!� Not so subtle TV commercials and even blatant bribe market (Happy Meal toys) seek to teach our kids about food. Call me old fashioned, but I�m not contented to let a clown with big red shoes teach my kids what good food looks like (and I don�t care if it does come with milk and apple grapes  slices, Ronald!)
That  is also no secret that size and type 2 diabetes rates are skyrocket in kids and show at younger and younger ages� Could there be a connection? (Duh!) While most parents (I hope) agree that basic foods like healthy proteins and green veggies are important staples for the little ones, the issue of childs nutrition food is hardly a clear cut one anymore. With soccer games to play, choir practice to attend and a social schedule that would have made me dizzy at their ages, most kids these days (and moms!) just aren�t home at meal times much. This rapidly paced lifestyle makes it easier to justify quick food, even if it is devoid of nutrients.
Another factor that I have notice with many kids is the connection to food as a type of prize. From a young age we reward birthdays with sweets, school achievements with meals out, good deeds with ice creams and even healthy eating with dessert (if you eat all 4 of your peas, you can have a piece of cakes�)
Couple the above factors with the fact that most kids, once they break away from the nutrient devoid school lunches and finally get home at night, are too tired to go out and play or chase a ball around for fun, and instead curl up in front of the TV or video games with a snack.
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